Doctors Science Research Psychology!

It’s official.

Play Better is now working closely with Dr. Roger Friesen, acclaimed sport psychologist and educator. Dr. Friesen has become a very close friend and advisor for the Play Better movement and is now supporting our efforts to write and prove out the overall concept using real science!

In all seriousness, we are extremely proud to be able to attract talents such as Dr. Friesen and look forward to working with him as we support soccer coaches, technical directors, and clubs across Canada rediscover appropriate development cultures for all youth athletes wanting to play.

This is a big day for our revolution. Welcome Dr. Roger.

Please take a look at some of the many accomplishments Dr. Friesen has and have a look around his site.

It’s time to Raise Your Game.


$1000 Passing Contest

I am putting up $1000 to the first team that completes the below requirements and I’m doing it because hopefully we can all start a more formidable conversation around producing stronger and more technically proficient Canadian soccer players.

The challenge looks like this:

  • The team that reaches the requisite number of completed purposeful passes, or more, based on the age group and gender their team is, for five games in a row wins the $1000 for their team’s charity or cause.
  • Open to either boys or girls teams from U9 through to U18
  • Tracking is done in one of two ways. using the soccer metric app soccermetre [] or using simple counters bought at an office supply store. Pass counts for the team are sent to me after every game via this email address [and I will send reminders]. It is honour system on the use and reporting of the data so please take that into account. We are looking for purposeful passes not just deflections or kicks. If you want to chat more to understand “purposeful” I am available always. Just call or email.
  • You must sign your team up to this site so I can transfer the money as necessary. I only use this site because I get a tax receipt automatically and I am already running a similar program for my team. If you have any questions on set up or need help, I’ll do it for you. No barriers just part of the deal and it’s my money. I am happy to do the work needed to get you all on board. It should take less than ten minutes.
  • Boys:
  • U9-U12 60min games = 200+ passes for 5 games in a row.
  • U13-U14 70min games = 220+ passes for 5 games in a row
  • U15-U18 90min games = 320+ passes for 5 games in a row
  • Girls:
  • U9-U12 60min games = 140+ passes for 5 games in a row
  • U13-U14 70min games = 170+ passes for 5 games in a row
  • U15-U18 90min games = 240 passes for 5 games in a row

There is no obligation and you lose nothing. Just play or do not. We begin when ten teams register anywhere in Canada by emailing me back saying they are playing. This is simply a very valuable tool to illustrate a great way to consider playing soccer and a fantastic way to invite a valuable conversation around cause and community with your team and parents. I only ask you honour the rules and play fairly. I do not care if you lose your games and nor will I ever if you are trying to develop technically proficient players. What matters to me is developing good players and better people using the language of soccer. This is my effort at trying to create a solution to both. Take a look at the link above for more ideas too.

I also ask one last thing, if you have time to discuss it in person or on the phone please make that time available and we can brainstorm new ways to help you keep moving your team forward playing the best possible soccer and supporting each child grow within the game. Please ask anything. I am truly at your service if needed.

Thanks in advance, pass it on to anybody interested asap and I hope our team wins this battle!

p.s. Providing a draw prize of 4 tickets to the Whitecaps or closest MLS team for one lucky group of participating coaches to treat themselves. NO flights or anything like that. Tickets to have fun and to say thanks for participating.

Contact me.

What Development Looks Like

This is a fantastic illustration, done in barely four minutes, of what player development can and should look like. The difference between players that work through the layers of ball mastery, passing execution and then playing in a manner consistent with using the skills they have attained. Which is to say, possession based soccer.

Can you tell the difference between playing better or not?